Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Young blogger's Introduction

It is bit odd to think in a age when people not only abhor to think but also victimize those who dare to think. However, one lesson history teaches us is that this world is made for those people who have courage and ability to think. Socrates and Aristotle were not kings or millionaires rather street thinkers. They are remembered because they thought loudly in advance. They outdid their time and thought out of conventional domains. They unstripped stereotypes of their age and embraced all evil rewards which that time human societies reserved for them. The praise and worship which human beings rendered from centuries at their thresh-hold ease is indeed debt which we are paying. Aim is to pay this debt which we owe to these great men.

I am 23 years old energetic guy fascinated with the degree of Masters in Business & Information Technology. My hometown is Nankana Sahib (City famous for Sikhism), staying in Lahore since 2002 due to my studies & now I started my professional career here. So, Lahore is blessed city for me. Although I don't belong to a much literary family, yet I was amongst the top grade holders all over the Punjab in my matriculation. I dared to gate-crash the most prestigious college of the country, Government College University, Lahore. Afterwards, Sir Syed Ali Khan's Muhammadan Angelo Oriental College, Lahore & Historical University of The Punjab welcomed me to earn my B. Com & MBIT(Marketing) degree respectively.

Achievements for a boy from a middle class family of the country:

Member of Old Ravians Union.
Member of Lahore Aman Committee.
Organized a Blood Donor Society.
Chief organizer of Bazm e Adab Committee Quaied e Azam Hostel, GCU, Lahore.
House Representative of Blood Donor Society of Quaid e Azam Hostel, GCU, Lahore.
Member of Environmental Protection Society, GCU.
More than 1 dozen gold medals during my student & sports career.

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did. I believe in motivation, inspiration, passion, hard working and continuous learning.
Looking forward for your kind words, suggestions, feedback and guidance.


Ahmad Jamal Chowdrey


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