Saturday, June 26, 2010

Be an ICON!

Ufone Uth segment now brings an outstanding and eye-catching offer for its users. Now you can buy a new generation’s handset for a low price. You can buy Ufone Icon Handset online by logging in to your Uth segment from the Ufone’s official website. This time you will get built in social media networking, instant messaging molded, Full QWERTY keyboard, ultra slim and many other spectacular features in one handset with low price of Rs.6,500. More over free 30 MB data bucket will be activated for 30 days. Now what are you waiting for just order you handset online and get it in 48 hours at your doorstep.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Get ready for the new change in football. Ufone is about to launch a new experience of ball played with feet called as FOOTSAl KICKOFFS. This new experience will cover the whole Pakistan with its new features. There will be 5 players in each team including goal keeper. This game would not be played as the traditional football. New changes will be superior in terms of establishing player’s touch and technique as the weight of the ball is more and size is less then the official football. The length of FOOSAL ground is approximately like basketball court. Wows of this game are not so far because FOOTSAL KICKOFFS is coming soon!

Ufone Kismat ki dastak

What if your Luck is knocking at your door and waiting for you to open the lucky door? Ufone now brings for its valuable customers a stunning and surprising offer to win unmatchable prizes through participating in a dream weaver lucky draw. Dial *728# and start playing the SMS quiz you will get a ring tone worth Rs. 10+tax for every entry! All correct entries will automatically be entered into a lucky draw to win Grand prizes. You can also participate in the quiz by sending start to 728. More you participate, more the chances to win dream prizes. Winner will be awarded with daily free 100 minutes, 40 mobile handsets, 6 Toyota Corolla GLi 1300 cc Cars and a super bumper prize of fully furnished house. So what are you waiting for? Start trembling your luck by daily participating. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ufone's offer for existing customers

Now you can get staggering number of free SMS and free Minutes by availing Ufone’ Sim Lagao Offer. Customers who have not used their Sim since 15th March are eligible to this offer. Now start using your Ufone sim by today and get astounding 1000 free minutes and 10,000 free sms. There is also a dream Lucky draw of 1,000,000 free minutes. You can participate in this lucky draw and get a chance to win limitless free minutes. So what are you waiting for? Just put your Ufone sim back in your mobile in today and send ‘FREE’ in an SMS to 234.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mobilink - Reshaping India

MOBILINK, so called Pakistan’s favorite company, has taken a heinous step. Mobilink has started giving advertising contracts to INDIAN ad agency. It means the shift of MOBILINK’s revenue from Pakistan to INDIA. Indeed it’s a shameful act because we have a lot of creative and innovative ad agencies here in Pakistan. INDIANs have never ever lost a chance to demoralize and disturb our economy in this way or that way but we are trying to give benefits to an INDIAN ad agency. Now tagline of MOBILINK must be RESHAPING INDIA instead of RESHAPING LIVES.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cyclon-- Precautionary Measures

Tropical Storm Phet is at a distance of few hours from Pakistan. It is expected to make landfall and can affect 1000 km coastline area with the wind of 80 kilometers per hour. About 43 people got death penalty, as the weather is being affected by it. According to The National Disaster Management Authority 7,000 have been moved to safe areas from low-lying areas of Karachi

I would like to share (specially for citizens of Karachi) some precautionary measures that must be taken before the storm hits. 

• Have a list of emergency phone numbers is an easily accessible position
• Determine which is the strongest, most secure room in your house
• Pack an Emergency kit which includes items such as first aid, torch and portable radio with spare batteries, gloves, candles, matches, copies of important documents e.g. birth certificates, essential medications, canned foods
• Have an evacuation plan ready, including evacuation routes, spare fuel, and listen to Community Service Announcements so you are familiar with what is happening
• Check your roof condition beforehand, and ensure all loose tiles, iron sheeting, etc is secured and repaired
• Trim overhanging branches to keep them well away from the house
• Fill buckets and bath with water in case the drinking water supply is compromised
• Have sufficient cash on hand for emergencies
• Tape windows in criss-cross fashion using strong packing tape if you do not have shutters

Once a cyclone hits:
• Turn off electricity, gas and water, and unplug all appliances
• Ensure everyone, including pets, are inside
• Move your family to the strongest room
• Keep your emergency kit with you at all times
• Keep listening to the radio for updates
• If your house begins to break apart, shelter under a really strong table or a mattress
• During the calm eye, do not venture outdoors. Stay where you are, as the other side of the cyclone is often more intense than before the eye. Wait for the all-clear announced on the radio.