Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cyclon-- Precautionary Measures

Tropical Storm Phet is at a distance of few hours from Pakistan. It is expected to make landfall and can affect 1000 km coastline area with the wind of 80 kilometers per hour. About 43 people got death penalty, as the weather is being affected by it. According to The National Disaster Management Authority 7,000 have been moved to safe areas from low-lying areas of Karachi

I would like to share (specially for citizens of Karachi) some precautionary measures that must be taken before the storm hits. 

• Have a list of emergency phone numbers is an easily accessible position
• Determine which is the strongest, most secure room in your house
• Pack an Emergency kit which includes items such as first aid, torch and portable radio with spare batteries, gloves, candles, matches, copies of important documents e.g. birth certificates, essential medications, canned foods
• Have an evacuation plan ready, including evacuation routes, spare fuel, and listen to Community Service Announcements so you are familiar with what is happening
• Check your roof condition beforehand, and ensure all loose tiles, iron sheeting, etc is secured and repaired
• Trim overhanging branches to keep them well away from the house
• Fill buckets and bath with water in case the drinking water supply is compromised
• Have sufficient cash on hand for emergencies
• Tape windows in criss-cross fashion using strong packing tape if you do not have shutters

Once a cyclone hits:
• Turn off electricity, gas and water, and unplug all appliances
• Ensure everyone, including pets, are inside
• Move your family to the strongest room
• Keep your emergency kit with you at all times
• Keep listening to the radio for updates
• If your house begins to break apart, shelter under a really strong table or a mattress
• During the calm eye, do not venture outdoors. Stay where you are, as the other side of the cyclone is often more intense than before the eye. Wait for the all-clear announced on the radio.

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