Saturday, August 28, 2010

Apna hai tau doosron ko kyun copy karta hai? Hai koi jawab iss sawaal ka?

Wow, has it really come down to this, Mobilink? You were once the leading mobile operator in Pakistan but (No More) after seeing your latest few ads which were copycat approach of ufone,I would like to ask simple questions:

where is the leadership?
What is UP with your advertising style?
Where is the uniqueness?
When will you decide what you want your communication to be like?

Within a year you swings from Aur sunao to No Samjhota to Jazz On Hai, and now Apna hai  made us confused about what message has been conveyed till now. One day you have us in near tears with an emotional apna hai song about the climb to fame and accomplishment of a local sports hero, then you try to get us all warm and fuzzy inside with very family oriented ads showing a father daughter and now after a span of almost a year you decide, hey lets be funny again with those two cheap funny chaps, only because they seem so blunt and seem like they are trying a bit too hard to make us laugh. But you know what we ARE doing? For Gods sake cant you at least TRY to be original? I just think youre becoming lame and confusing and you
need to stop give us peace of mind, and then maybe perhaps everyone else
will hopefully follow suit.



  1. I agree. Mobilnk should come up with original ideas.

  2. it's not the market leader's grace. I must say, it was a childish attitude.